5 Almonds Skin Benefits That You Must Know

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Almonds should be your favorite snack for good reason – it has many benefits for your skin, due to the rich of beneficial nutrients it contain.

What may be shocking to you is that various nutrients contained in this nut can boost your skin healing process and rejuvenate your skin in the same time.

Now you might want to know what benefits almonds can bring to your skin. Here are some almonds skin benefits that you must know:

#1 - Cleanse and Eliminate Toxins in Your Body

Almonds contain beneficial antioxidants which will actively cleanse and eliminate toxins and free radicals in your body. If you want to cleanse your skin pollutions, you can eat this nut frequently. This is helpful because the antioxidant components in almonds will actively cleanse pollution in your body, making your skin smooth and glowing from inside.

#2 - Major Source of Vitamin E

Alpha-tocopherol is abundance substance in almonds. This is a major source of vitamin E, which is an important vitamin needed by your skin. Vitamin E is frequently labeled as a skin food because it nourishes your skin and makes it healthy, and almonds have it in abundance.

#3 - Reduce Wrinkles and Fine Lines in Your Face

Because of its various antioxidants and anti aging properties, you can use almonds to reduce wrinkles and fine lines in your face. It can be done by massaging your face regularly with almonds oil. When you apply regular massage with this oil, you will have remarkable glowing and radiant complexion that will make you look younger than your age.

There are other almonds skin benefits to prevent aging such as reduce black circles around eyes and revitalize your skin.

#4 - Help Cure Acne, Pimples, Zits, Blackheads, and Whiteheads

One of almonds skin benefits will be useful for most acne sufferers because almonds can reduce the appearance of acne, along with blackheads and whiteheads.

When treated regularly with almonds oil, your acne will gradually disappear. If you have many pimples that are hard to eliminate, you can use almonds to cure your pimples.

#5 - Cure Constipation and Smooth Your Digestive Process

We know that digestive system is important for our skin health. Smooth digestive system will immediately cleanse the toxins from our body. When we have constipation problem, the entire digestive process would be disturbed. Almonds can help cure constipation and smooth your digestive process, making your skin glow healthier every day.

There you have it, some important almonds skin benefits that you must know. That's why you should take this nut as your regular snack.

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If you want more information about how to use almonds to cure your acne, remove wrinkles, and maintain your skin health, you can read Why Almonds Good for Skin.

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5 Almonds Skin Benefits That You Must Know

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This article was published on 2010/11/18