A Facial Skin Care System Can Simply and Easily Nourish Your Skin 24 Hours a Day

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A facial skin care system should be simple and easy to use while it nourishes your skin 24 hours a day.

Three items are a complete system for most of us: a day cream, night cream and an occasional deep-cleaning or moisturizing mask. Except in a few special cases, nothing else is necessary and this doesn't have to be expensive.

There are a few different ingredients that work especially for those three different purposes. I'll suggest some to look for.

-- For your day cream, you need something that goes on easily and leaves a clean, non-oily protective film on your skin. Insist on a cream that completely avoids mineral oil, uses quality natural oils like avocado and grapeseed oil for moisturizing, and protects and nourishes skin all day.

I like an ingredient called Cynergy TK, which boosts your skin's collagen and elastin production. Besides too many skin nourishing benefits to mention here, it also leaves an invisible film on your face which tends to fill in fine lines and refract light -- so your face actually looks smoother and younger all day.

-- For a night cream, I'd suggest an extract of honey called Active Manuka Honey. It's made by bees gathering the nectar of flowers from certain types of manuka bush that grow wild in New Zealand. University scientists there found this type of honey has outstanding antioxidant and skin-healing properties. They measure this ability and called it Unique Manuka Factor (UMF).

-- As far as masks are concerned, please do NOT think this needs to be a daily ritual. Consider a deep-moisturizing mask every other week, perhaps alternating every other week with a cleansing mask. By the way, I'd be suspicious of any mask that seems particularly messy or just plain ugly to look at. The best ones I've seen are neither.

For a moisturizing mask, a trademarked ingredient called Rigin in a 3 percent solution increased the firmness of skin on the neck by 40 percent and elasticity in the same area by 27 percent in a recent 28-day study.

The purified special clay called kaolin is great for a gentle deep cleansing mask.

A last hint: If money is really tight, don't try for a complete facial skin care system. Instead, buy just one product, an excellent day cream, and apply it again at bedtime, after gently washing your face and neck.

That will give you most of the benefits your skin needs, and is a good way to stay within a budget.

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A Facial Skin Care System Can Simply and Easily Nourish Your Skin 24 Hours a Day

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This article was published on 2010/03/27