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Aloe Vera's Magic Properties

The magical succulent from the lily family that is lovingly referred to as "The Potted Physician", Aloe Vera has mild yet extremely effective healing properties.  These properties make it perfect for use as burn remedy, moisturizer, as a protective layer for the skin and in many different beverages currently on the market.  Aside from these qualities, Aloe Vera is currently being recognized as an all-natural lubricant.  Most lubricants found on retail shelves largely contain ingredients found in oven cleaners and anti-freeze.  That's why Aloe Cadabra is the perfect, natural product for lubrication as well as healing.  Certainly hands aren't the only things Aloe Vera is good for!

The Effects of Aloe Vera on the Body

Ages ago, the legendary Cleopatra is said to have used Aloe Vera to maintain her skin's youthful appearance, as well as protecting it from the sun's harmful rays. She may well have been one of the first women to recognize aloe's benefits as a female lubricant!  Used for centuries as a burn remedy, today, dermatologists use Aloe Vera to treat skin inflammations, surface wounds, acne scars, injured or rough skin tissue - even radiation burns. Aloe is credited for increasing skin growth and stimulating skin repair; it softens and provides protective coating for your skin.  Aloe Vera helps speed healing with sunburn peeling, hence expediting a faster return to normal skin.  It also stimulates skin growth and repair, the effects of which are enhanced on dry or damaged vaginal tissue. All of the above qualities are what makes Aloe Cadabra a fantastic lubricant choice.  Aloe Cadabra not only enhances the sexual experience, it works both to protect and heal the delicate vaginal skin tissue.

Why Aloe Vera is Good For You

Apart from Aloe Cadabra being free of any chemical or artificial ingredients, Aloe Vera has a cooling effect, with anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antibiotic qualities. Since Aloe Vera is able to quickly and easily absorb into the skin, there is an immediate natural healing effect, which also provides the skin with vitamins and nutrients.  Aloe Vera has been proven to have no known side effects. It is also safe to ingest, and thus used in herbal medicines.  Aloe Vera is commonly used to aid in digestive disorders, and taken internally it can help with a variety of ailments.

Aloe Vera's Ingredients and Uses

Aloe Vera is a powerful source of antioxidants. It contains calcium, copper, potassium, zinc, manganese, iron and Vitamins, A, C, E, B and B12 and chrysophanic acid, which has been highly effective in healing cuts, scratches and burns. Aloe is also used in treatment of numerous ailments, including diabetes, arthritis, muscle aches, infections, dandruff, eczema, poison oak, gum disease, hemorrhoids, constipation, ulcers, sore throats, and parasites. Aloe gel is used in hundreds of skin care products and cosmetics; now it's finally available in an organic personal lubricant.  Since both the juice and the gel are safe to ingest, users of Aloe Cadabra can relax and enjoy personal intimacy while enjoying the numerous benefits of Aloe Vera!

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Aloe Vera Skin Care Moisturizer

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This article was published on 2010/10/22