Cod liver oil and skin benefits

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Every one suffers from some or the skin disease at some point in time. Skin ailments like rashes or irritation are very common all over the world. Skin diseases can be extremely irritating and sometimes it may cause great embarrassment to you; you would certainly not want to be seen scratching yourself while you are in a social event. There are plenty of skin care products available in the market that promise to heal your skin ailment and keep it soft and supple, however, you must know that majority of these over the counter products contain harmful chemical ingredients and if you use these products without doctor prescription, it may aggravate your problem. It is therefore important that you use natural vitamin supplement to maintain a healthy skin. One of the most reliable natural supplements you can use is the cod fish oil.

Knowing the nutritional content of cod liver oil supplements

· One of the first things you must know about using skin care product is that vitamin A is the vital nutrient for maintaining a healthy skin condition. Most people suffer from skin ailments mainly because of the deficiency of this Vitamin. The deficiency of vitamin A in the body inhibit the movement of new skin cells to the surface and causing them to die, which in turn leads to flaky and dry skin and blackheads. Another important element needed for healthy skin is Vitamin D. Its anti-oxidant and anti-carcinogen properties help in faster healing of the skin. A cod liver oil supplement has both these vitamin is large quantities and it helps in keeping the skin moisturized, smooth, soft and prevents the skin from getting dry.

· Apart from being rich source of Vitamin A and Vitamin D, the fish oil supplement also contain 2 most important Omega 3 fatty acid contents including EPA (eicosapentaenoic) and DHA (docosahexaenoic) acids. The human body requires EPA to produce prostaglandins hormone, which are vital for controlling the inflammation in tissues. Deficiencies of these essentials fatty acids can lead to blockages in skin follicles. By using fish oil vitamin supplement regularly you can prevent this skin condition.

Using cod liver oil for treating skin diseases

· Psoriasis:

This skin condition is caused due to rapid reproduction of skin cells in certain part of the body. Consuming health supplement that is rich in Vitamin A can greatly help in slowing down the volume of skin cell production. The vitamin has the capacity to block the toxic amino acid known as polamines, which is responsible for raping growth of skin cells. Various psoriasis medication use vitamin D as the main ingredient. Since cod liver oil supplement is rich in both Vitamin A and Vitamin D, it can help you get quick relief from psoriasis symptoms.

· Eczema:

This is a chronic skin condition. Common symptoms of Eczema are blisters, appearance of scaly patches on the skin, constant itching and inflammation. These symptoms can be very painful and difficult to treat. The best way to treat this condition naturally is to use the cod liver oil supplement. The vitamin rich supplement helps in keeping the skin protected from inflammation and reduces the symptoms of blistering.


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Cod liver oil and skin benefits

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Cod liver oil and skin benefits

This article was published on 2013/08/21