Defining Angioedema

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There are a lot of allergic states that affect allergic individuals. Some are extremely serious. And others can be fairly mild. It can depend upon the allergen, the patient and the allergic condition triggered. Angioedema is just one of them. It is an allergic skin or dermis disease. This allergen triggered skin or dermis disease is identifiable by the patches of swelling on the skin or dermis and subcutaneous lahyers of the skin or dermis. It can also sometimes include the mucuous membranes and/or the viscera. The swelling associated with angioedema is often rapid. It is often seen as very similar to urticaria, but urticaria is only seen on the upper dermis (urticaris is often referred to as hives).

Angioedema was, at first, categorized as a nervous system disorder, but experts no longer believe that there is nervous system involvement in angioedema. It can often be an emergency situation due to the fact tht the swelling can cause airway obstruction and/or suffocation.

Emergency medical attention for relief of the rapid swelling of angioedema can often be required and usually includes the use of epinephrine when the angioedema is allergen triggered. When angioedema is classified instead as a hereditary case epinephrine isn't recognized as helpful.

Swelling can happen in a matter of a couple minutes or it can happen over a longer time period (many hours). Most typical locations for swelling is: skin or dermis of the face (around the mouth), the mucosa of the mouth or throat or both, the tongue, and the hands. Swollen areas can be painful and itchy.

Angioedema has a lot of titles:

1. angioneurotic edema

2. giant urticaria

3. Quincke's disease

4. Quincke's edema

Compression of the nerves may cause decreased sensation in the areas affected by the angioedema. Urticaria or hives can also sometimes develop in the areas affected. In some cases the exposure of the patient to the specific allergen that causes the condition is easily and correctly identified. But in other cases the allergen is unidentifiable, unknown or in some cases...unavoidable.

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Defining Angioedema

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This article was published on 2010/10/09