How to Get Clear Skin

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How to Get Clear Skin  

The problem, most often times, with people searching for how to get clear skin fast is they tend to think of "fast" in terms of hours or a few days. Unfortunately, you just can't eliminate most breakouts that quickly and you certainly won't be able to cure yourself of all your acne problems that quickly. Just think about; you've had acne for months and years. How do you expect to get rid of it in a matter of hours?

Now while that message might sound a bit dire, there is hope. You can completely eliminate your breakouts in something like two weeks and you can be completely free of acne in a few months, but it will take some work. How do I know this? Because I've done it for myself and I've helped plenty of other people achieve similar results. This process will work for you if you're young, old, white, Asian, whatever. It doesn't matter who you are it just matters if you're willing, really willing to get rid of your acne. If your content with dry, oily skin that still suffers from breakouts, then by all means, keep slathering chemicals all over your skin and pray that it will eventually work.

Now for anyone else, one of the easiest ways to get started with healing your skin is by doing a fast. There are several ways to fast, but the easiest one to ease into is a 3 day apple fast. Technically, I should call this a mono-diet, but you get the idea. This is a great way for how to get clear skin fast because your body uses a ton of energy to digest food. When you eat just one type of food, namely apples, you free up a lot of energy in your body which allows it to deal with all the junk floating around in your system, as well as freeing up energy to help deal with any problems it might have, namely your acne.

There really is nothing special to this method. Just eat plenty of apples and drink 8-10 glasses of water every day. Most people will often complain that this how to get clear skin fast method is ludicrous because they'll be hungry all of the time. Here's one very important piece of advice to anyone with this claim: if you're hungry, just eat another apple. It's as simple as that.

Is this method safe? Of course it is! Thousands of people have done this fast and even more have fasted for weeks at a time on nothing other than juice and even just water alone. 3 days of eating just apples won't kill you or harm you in any way. In fact, you're helping your body regulate itself and allowing it to become healthier! The only downside to this fast that I came across was that I didn't want to look at apples for a few weeks after. But I had clear skin so it was kind of a moot point!

I did mention that there really was nothing special about this how to get clear skin fast, but you might want to prepare a little bit to make the transition a little easier. The first time I did it, I jumped straight in and those first two days were HARD! I've since done it twice more and each time, I started to eat lighter a few days beforehand; less meat and more fruit and vegetable based courses. This way, my body didn't receive such a shock from going from my normal diet to just apples and both times were very easy to maintain. For a man, you can buy a razor to keep the face clean.


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How to Get Clear Skin

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This article was published on 2010/11/22