Itchy Rash All Over Body

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Skin inflammation is the sign for skin or body rashes. During rashes there is a change in the color and the texture of the affected area that is easily visible. This occurs due to some kind of irritation, disease or even due to an allergic reaction occurring as a result of certain chemical reactions, foods, leaves of plant, furs of an animal or insect bite and several other environmental factors. A walk in the park is such an enjoyable task for you, yet you cannot pursue this enjoyment because everytime you do so it turns into a series of non-stop sneezing, coughing and, worst of all, itchy eyes. Scratching or rubbing your itchy eyes are very tempting.

Switching skin care products (different brands) too often in a short period of time say within one or two months, can also cause irritation, sometimes rashes to your face. Just before your skin could adjust to the current brand, you have decided to try new ones. Eventually your skin could not take it and begin to show signs of rashes. If you want to try the holistic route, then you will try to treat the cause of the body's overreaction to an allergen. For many people this means changing a few aspects of their life. Allergic skin rashes can occur anywhere on the body. Most commonly these rashes occur at the region which comes in contact with the allergen. The severity of the reaction depends on the sensitivity of the person to the allergen. The skin is a natural barrier protecting our internal organs.

Most cases of a rash on your arms comes from a change in either the soap or detergent that you are using to wash your body or clothing. If you haven't changed either of these products that you use for cleaning, then it could be something more complicated such as an insect bite that you are sensitive to or contact with a plant such as poison oak or poison ivy. When it comes to the disease about 10% of them are atypical types. Even after getting rid of the tick 1 to 4 weeks prior, if they have an atypical rash some doctors won't associate this rash with their tick bite and just dismiss it from being lyme's because it doesn't fit the usual pattern.

If your skin gets dry and itchy every once in a while, especially in the cold or hot weather, like now when the seasons are changing, the chances are good you have atopic dermatitis. It is the most common type of eczema caused by weather conditions, allergies and all kinds of chemical or physical irritants.
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Itchy Rash All Over Body

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This article was published on 2010/10/29