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Kumaara Product Overview

Kumaara is a new eye area treatment available via the internet that addresses a number of different eye skin care problems. Although the main area for treatment appears to be the reduction of dark circles, Kumaara also promises to reduce wrinkles, smooth skin and eliminate puffiness and under eye bags.

While the Kumaarawebsite is very attractive and professional looking, it has a lot of confusing sections, many links containing the same information. There are a lot of unnecessary details regarding the origins of ‘Ayurveda' healthcare, an ancient form of healing that has its roots in Asia. We are informed that the name Kumaara comes from the Sanskrit word for ‘youth' and that the formula is based on ancient ‘secrets'.

The website does provide the results from clinical studies that were performed on Kumaara in which the test subjects experienced a 95% reduction in wrinkles and significant improvements in dark circles. The customer testimonials include animated before and after shots accompanied by short written statements.

Kumaara is an eye skin treatment designed for day and evening use. The total package contains three separate products: Luminizing Eye Treatment, Daily Anti-oxidant Eye Serum and Radiant Finish Concealer which is available in two skin shades, light/medium and medium/dark.

The Kumaara formula combines natural anti-oxidant ingredients and patented skin care substances. It is not clear how many ingredients are actually in each product as no product label is provided. According to the information, Kumaara contains Indian Gooseberry, Hibiscus, Goji Berry, Passionflower and Acai berry (a popular ‘Superfood'). It also benefits from Haloxyl, to treat dark circles; Eyeseryl, a protein to treat puffiness; Matrixyl 3000, to stimulate repair; the flavanoid Actiflow and lastly, Oligogeline which forms a protective barrier for the skin.

No instructions are provided regarding how the different products should be used, although it seems one cream is for night use, the serum for daytime use and the concealer used as part of the regular make-up routine.
Kumaara Advantage

* The Kumaara website contains a good amount of information regarding the product
* The product is offered for a 30-day free trial
* Kumaara contains powerful anti-oxidant ingredients
* Customer testimonials are provided
* Kumaara performed well in clinical studies
* The treatment includes a cosmetic concealer to instantly improve the appearance of dark circles
* The product is 100% guaranteed

Kumaara – Drawbacks

* No application instructions are provided
* No FAQ section is included on the site
* The information regarding the Ayurveda origins seems exaggerated and unnecessary
* No ingredient amounts are listed
* Kumaara is only available directly from the website

Kumaara – The Bottom Line

Kumaara seems to be an effective product on the whole although it is doubtful that it can result in ‘younger looking eyes in days'. However, the fact that the consumer can use a dark circle concealer while waiting for results is good, as is the fact that the daytime formula can be conveniently used under makeup.

You can find out more information on Kumaara Skin just by clicking on the link!

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Kumaara Skin

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This article was published on 2010/09/22