Retouch a Model Image with Advanced Skin Corrections

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Beauty retouching techniques are in demand to day as good-looking pin ups and inspiring posters dominate our visual aesthetic sensibilities. The fashion and the cosmetic industry have their share of growing followers and admirers. The most impressed with this sector are the young girls who look up to super models as their icons before they move out in the world themselves. When they see beautiful and textured skin and a well-toned body they dream of having the same flawless skin too. But not all supermodels have great skin. Some of their snaps are retouched with basic and advanced skin retouching process. There is a solid workflow involved when it comes to skin corrections in such photos. Today an editor can retouch a model image with really advanced skin correction techniques. Rich textured photos need the right shade and uniformed skin show.  And this is the reason why pin ups and posters of beautiful women adorn the rooms of the young teenage girls and at times boys too! It’s the smooth silken skin that does the trick. And some editors manage to make the skin look perfect and realistic with their subtle work.

Skin blurring is used to conceal scars, pimples or blemishes.  But is the use of blur the only way to improve the skin? There are more ways that can be explored. Retouching can be done in sundry ways. Experienced editors have discovered that blurring has disadvantages. Instead mildly touching the pixels work better in skin cleansing.  Every image can be retouched with tailor made solutions. The skin is uneven due to many reasons. On the face the pimples and scars may spoil the look. In rest of the body, minor or major blemishes may affect the beauty of the model. Once the blur technique has been used, it also needed to be air brushed. It is the refinement that really catches the eye of the viewer to compliment the model image.

What really is the challenge while retouching the skin of the face? As long as it is near perfect and close to real it is a commendable job. When done on the face, the simple skin retouch has to move a step further. The editor needs to measure the ratio of the nose, lips and eyes. Yes, shaping those lips a little further may be tactful. A layer needs to be added to make the lips look more appropriate to the other face features. The actual skin retouch may not take long. But what accentuate it are the other corresponding ratios. A soft brush and the stamp tool provide the healing touch. An experienced editor will also try to let a stray blemish remain in the frame. It gives a realistic look and feel it the image. In reality everyone knows we all are flawed. But these little advanced skin corrections can do the trick. There is no harm to retouch a model image with advanced skin corrections or other ways as long as the visual is worth the wall it will be hung on.

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Retouch a Model Image with Advanced Skin Corrections

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This article was published on 2013/10/14