Say goodbye to your sun problems

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We all have experienced some kind of skin problem or the other at some phases of your life. Not many of us are aware that most of the ailments of the skin are due to the harsh sun rays which often come in touch with your skin. It dulls the skin tone, causes tanning, dead cells are formed on the surface and also premature fine lines can appear on the face. So what to do? Not to step out the house and stay locked indoors? With the fast paced life that we live it is not possible for us to stay at home just out of fear of the sun. Here are a few skin friendly solutions to most of your problems, which will not only prevent but also cure all of them.

 Protection from the sun

What works wonder when it comes to keeping the sun at bay is a sunscreen. Light and thick, sunscreens with a proper SPF amount always are good for the skin. Just half an hour before stepping out in the sun, apply the cream and let it settle within your skin. For the Best Natural Sunscreen the products by True Natural are fantastic. Some of the popular sunscreens by this company are listed below. You must try them out to gain a healthy and sun protected skin-

1.  Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Facial Sunscreen, Unscented

2.  Daily Moisturizer SPF 20-3oz

3. Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Sunscreen Lotion, Vanilla

These products follow all the FDA guidelines and you can use them daily with no adverse side effects. For better treatment of the skin True Natural also has Biodegradable Sunscreen which is very light on the skin and blends well with time. It’s time now to befriend the sun thanks to the products from True Natural.

Giving you just the right tan

One of the main causes of skin cancer is the UV rays from the sun. Long exposure to these harsh rays of the sun thus has proved to be extremely harmful. But then how to get that perfect sun tanned look? Check out a few of the Best Self Tanning Products from True Natural and you will realize how easily you can get the Best Self Tanning done and at the same time avoid the harmful effects of the UV rays.  They have various tanning kits up their bag which enables you to get a nice tan all by yourself. Check out a few products for the best results, like-

1•  Self Tanner: Anti-Aging Face & Body (Citrus Scent)

2•  Tanning Essentials Kit

3•  Tanning Essentials Kit for sensitive skin

 For your eyes only

If you are constantly being haunted by those ugly dark circles around your eyes then make it a point to try out True Natural’s Dark Circle Eye Cream. This cream works like magic! Use them once and your dark circles will not be visible any more. Constant use of this cream helps reducing the dark circles permanently.

So come and fish out whatever product you need for your skin to get the most effective defense against the sun, the Best Self Tanning done and also to get rid of those dark circles under your eyes!

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Say goodbye to your sun problems

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Say goodbye to your sun problems

This article was published on 2013/07/11