Scabies Rash - How Long Does the Itching Last After Applying the Cream

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Scabies rash is one of the itchiest skin rashes and also has the drawback that is very contagious. Direct touch of the skin by someone with the mites can cause them to transfer to another person. The rash is an allergic response to the foreign material in the body.

The areas most written about for scabies are the creases in the elbows, webs between fingers, wrist areas, stomach and back areas. Some doctors will do a skin scraping with mineral oil to test for scabies, but many dermatologist won't do this procedure. Sometimes a biopsy is sent to the lab to analyze if scabies and their organisms can be detected.Though the female mite will make a burrow when burying under the skin, this isn't often visible due to the fact that it can be scratched away and it is such a thin line for the eye to see.

Because the scabies rash can look like atopic eczema, poison oak and other rashes, it isn't always as simple to diagnosis as other skin conditions. For instance, a herpes cold sore has featured that can be easily identified.

The most common way to treat the rash is to use the elimite permethrin cream which has a 5 percent concentration. It is a topical cream applied for eight to fourteen hours from the neck to the bottom of the feet. After this time period people still may itch for a few weeks and this can create anxiety that the scabies cream wasn't effective. The body is still ridding of itself of the allergic reaction to the scabies mites, eggs and waste material.

If one has applied the cream properly, washed clothing and bedding according to instructions in very hot water and not continued to be in contact with others that are infected at school, work or an elderly facility than the

rash will clear up over the next few weeks. One reason why they advise family members to also apply the cream is to prevent the re-infestation of the mites by an untreated person.

Psychologically, dealing with an itchy skin rash can be very draining due to insomnia, fears of being contagious and anxiety that the skin condition won't heal. Following the instructions properly will assure  the fastest recovery. Remember that over the counter lice creams are not strong enough to treat a scabies rash as they are formulate at one percent and not five percent.

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Scabies Rash - How Long Does the Itching Last After Applying the Cream

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Scabies Rash - How Long Does the Itching Last After Applying the Cream

This article was published on 2010/03/31