Stop These 4 Bad Habits Now For Clearer Skin

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Clear, healthy skin is one of the most attractive things that anyone, male or female, can boast. However, bad habits can hold someone back and keep skin oily, greasy, flaky, and even result in pimple and acne scarring. While specialist skin treatments are always great solutions, there are a lot of things that people can do for themselves without depending on dermatology experts. 

Stop Scrubbing So Much 

There's an ongoing war with facial oil that leads people to scrub and deep clean repeatedly. Facial oil causes breakouts, feeling disgusting and a variety of other problems such as blocked pores. It might seem counter-intuitive, but for those who want good skin it's often a good idea to apply more oil. It has to, of course, be the right kind of oil. 

When one applies the right kind of oil, one that penetrates the skin rather than just sitting on top, it can actually reduce the production of the body's natural oil. This results in healthier skin that's more free from blemishes, pimples et al. 

Take Vitamins, But Watch Your Dairy 

Dairy, even organic dairy according to the experts, can give people problems. This is more of an issue with women's skin than with men's, but drinking milk and taking in other dairy products can lead to increases in bad skin because of the hormones found in cow's milk. The solution, especially for those who want calcium and vitamin D, is to make sure to eat lots of dark, leafy greens and maybe to experiment with some tofu. 

Make Sure to Wash and Dry Makeup Brushes 

Women who regularly use makeup know that they have to get said makeup out of their pores at the end of the day or it will lead to problems with their skin. However, what they might not know is that when they wash their brushes it is very important to make sure those brushes are completely dry before storing them away. Think of a makeup brush like a shirt; if someone washes a shirt then stuck it in the closet without letting it dry there would be the potential for serious problems regarding mold and mildew. The same is true for makeup brushes. They should be washed at least once every two weeks, and then left to air until completely and thoroughly dry. Otherwise women could be putting more than makeup onto their skin. 

Avoid Unnecessary Supplements 

Any doctor will tell patients that it is a much better idea to vary their diets and eat the foods they need than to take supplements. However, for those who take supplements it's a good plan to discuss it with their doctors first. Otherwise the supplements in question, while over the counter and completely legal, could have a lot of negative ramifications when it comes to keeping someone's skin smooth, soft and healthy looking. The more supplements someone takes, the bigger the chance that they'll swallow something that will interact with something else just wrong.


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Stop These 4 Bad Habits Now For Clearer Skin

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This article was published on 2013/03/12