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Our skin ages just like the rest of our body. Unfortunately for many of us, it tells our secrets from years past. One look at a 40-year-old's face and you can tell if she or he spent their teen years basking in the sun slathered in cooking oil; if he's spent most of his adult life smoking cigarettes; and even if the person you're looking at eats properly.

Those lines creasing our face tells more than our age - it tells those around us the kind of life we've led and the things we've done to damage our skin.

Wrinkles don't have to be an inevitable part of growing older. They can be prevented with a little knowledge, and a lot of care. The key is knowing what our skin needs at each phase of our lives, and giving it just what it craves!

But first, we have to understand how our skin ages (and wrinkles). The skin ages in one of two ways:

1. chronologically
2. environmentally

The chronological aging of our skin has to do with our genes. Some people are just luckier than others and have a good gene pool that allows them to mistreat their skin with little effect. These are the people who look younger than their years without doing much of anything to prevent wrinkles.

Of course, even someone with more youthful genes can have a face etched with wrinkles if their environmental age goes against their chronological one.

Your environmental or photo-age is a snapshot of how you've treated your skin over the years. Neglect your skin for too long and it'll begin to show. Fail to give your skin the vitamins and other nutrients it needs to rejuvenate itself, spend too much time in the damaging sun, smoke cigarettes, or fail to relax enough, and even your genes won't be able to save you from wrinkling.

The good news is: staying away from these skin dangers can indeed help you prevent wrinkles in the first place.

So what's the answer? Learning to take care of your skin at every age will indeed prevent wrinkles when you are older. What's the best course of action? Follow these simple rules for every decade:

Preventing Wrinkles in Your 20's

Few people in their twenties think about preventing wrinkles, but this is the best time to start! Believe it or not, 70 percent of the sun damage your skin will undergo happens before you reach 25. Astounding! To prevent wrinkles later, be sure to follow these simple tips now:

1. Stay out of the sun when possible, and when you can't be sure to wear protective clothing, sunglasses and a high SPF sunscreen whenever in the sun.
2. Avoid harsh skin care products containing chemicals, parabens and other synthetic ingredients.
3. Never scrub your skin. Pat it dry.
4. Never use hot water on your skin. It'll dry it out
5. Eat a well-balanced diet
6. Avoid caffeine, alcohol and cigarettes. They all have a dehydrating effect on the skin and strip it of essential nutrients.

Preventing Wrinkles in Your 30's

To prevent wrinkles in your 30's continue following the tips above, plus add these:

1. Reduce your stress levels. Learn to relax more.
2. Smile more. It helps to exercise the facial muscles and keep them taut
3. Moisturize. You can't get enough hydrating moisture in your skin at this age (and beyond).
4. Don't pull at your skin when either applying makeup or wiping it off (especially around the eyes).
5. Stay Hydrated. Drink plenty of plain water.

Preventing Wrinkles in Your 40's

As hormones begin to fluctuate (especially in women), the skin can begin to show change. Oily skin suddenly becomes dry, acne reappears, saggy cheeks replace plumped healthier looking ones and more. The best things you can do to prevent wrinkles in your 40's include:

1. Use a daily sunscreen that contains a moisturizer
2. Use an antioxidant moisturizer at night.
3. Indulge in a hydrating facial steam once a week
4. Try a moisturizing mask several times a week to plump up the skin.
5. Use an alpha or beta hydroxyl treatment periodically to improve skin texture and lesson the effects of sun damage.

Preventing Wrinkles in Your 50's and Beyond

As a woman enters her 50's her body begins to make less estrogen, an important ingredient to helping the skin make the collagen it need to remain smooth and radiant. One of the best ways to tackle this aging issue it to dry brush your skin regularly. It'll help stimulate epidermal growth and get rid of dead surface cells. Here are some other tips for preventing wrinkles as you enter the latter years of your life:

1. Moisturize daily
2. Use only mild milk-based cleansers
3. Spritz your face with hydrosol regularly
4. Add one tablespoon of flaxseed or cod liver oil to your daily diet
5. Always wear a hat when outdoors
6. Never leave the house without first applying sunscreen
7. Eat well.
8. Exercise regularly
9. Use a non-abrasive exfoliating mask weekly

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to prevent wrinkles as you age, if you know how to properly take care of your skin.

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The Best Way to Prevent Wrinkles - Simple, Easy Advice

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This article was published on 2010/03/30