The Power of Sleep

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Have you heard of people telling you that when you snooze, you lose? Well, that couldn't be further from the truth, at least when it comes to health. Not many people realize the power of sleep. It is a way for your body to heal itself and regain some of that energy lost. If you have some beauty habits, some of these could actually work better when you sleep. Take this as your chance to moisturize your skin, work on your hair's health, and basically, just revitalize your body. Life can take a backseat for a while, at least for seven hours daily. To make your downtime more productive, you can adapt a few habits.

When you sleep, you give your stressed skin a chance to mend. This is when cellular repair happens. You recuperate more quickly if you learn to hit the sheets. Some products actually get absorbed better when you're not doing anything, and that's because there are fewer outside components that work against you. For instance, take this time to add moisture to your skin by applying petroleum jelly on your face. You might think that it's too greasy, but if you apply only a portion of it and rub it all over for at least 30 seconds, it does become better.

Why this instead of regular moisturizer? It is because the petrolatum found in the substance acts as a seal so that moisture penetrates instead of evaporating. For those with oily skin, a better option would be a serum that's non-comedogenic. This keeps small matters from clogging your pores. When you wake up, you'll feel your skin as soft as that of a baby.

For most people, sleeping gives them puffy eyes. They immediately assume that they're the least attractive when they first get out of bed. To avoid this, treat your eyes with a generous amount of eye cream that's packed with caffeine. Don't worry about finding the right product because there are tons of them available in the stores. It is actually better to do this at night because makeup won't serve as a barrier. Thus, the cream is easily absorbed by the skin so that when you wake up, there's a feeling of firmness around the eye area. It also helps to elevate your head so that you don't let fluids build up around your eyes.

As for your hair, simply opt for a conditioning mask that's meant to be left overnight. Cover your head with a shower cap so that oils are absorbed into your scalp. Simply rinse when you wake in the morning.

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The Power of Sleep

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