Vitiligo Symptoms And Natural Home Treatment For Vitiligo Or Leucoderma

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Vitiligo appears to occur when resistant cells destroy the cells that produce brown pigment (melanocytes). This obliteration is thought to be due to an autoimmune problem, but the cause is unknown.

Vitiligo may appear at any age. There is an increased rate of the condition in some families. The state affects about 1 out of every 100 people in the United States.

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Vitiligo (pronounced vit-ill-EYE-go) is a pigmentation disorder in which melanocytes (the cells that make pigment) in the skin are shattered. As a result, white patches appear on the skin in diverse parts of the body.

Vitiligo causes white patches on your skin. It can also affect your eyes, mouth and nose. It occurs when the cells that furnish your skin its color are destroyed. No one knows what destroys them. It is more general in people with autoimmune diseases, and it might run in families. It habitually starts before age 40.

The white patches are more ordinary where your skin is exposed to the sun. In some cases, the patches spread. Vitiligo can cause your hair to gray early. If you have dark skin, you may lose color inside your mouth.

Vitiligo is a chronic skin ailment that causes loss of pigment, resulting in irregular pale or white patches of skin. It occurs when the melanocytes die or are unable to function.

Common areas of the skin losing pigment are the face, lips, hands, arms, legs, and genital areas. Vitiligo may also occur on in cooperation sides of the body in the same location.

Vitiligo Treatment

Herbal remedies employ various herbal mechanism which contain psoralens. Psoralens is widely used substance for vitiligo treatment.

Psoralens are a group of naturally happening, substances, which can sensitize human skin to the tanning effect of UV light (Sun light), thereby enhancing pigmentation. It is for this important quality, that they have been used with success for vitiligo treatment since ages.

Psoralens are found naturally in many herbal components. There have been isolated from fig, parsley, West Indian satinwood and celery etc.

Home Remedies for Vitiligo

1.A decoction prepared from equal amount of Indian Gooseberry and Catechu or Black Cutch also serves as one of the most effective natural Vitiligo home remedies. Take about 50 ml of this decoction along with some honey two times per day on a regular basis.

2.Ginger juice can be used either unconnectedly or in combination with red clay to help heal Vitiligo white spots in a natural way. The juice should be consumed twice daily.

3.In case of red clay, prepare a paste like combination by adding ginger juice and red clay and finally apply this mixture on the exaggerated areas to get rid of the embarrassing red patches.

4.Sesame seeds and turmeric make for outstanding home remedies for Vitiligo. Prepare a paste by adding some water in the grinded mixture of turmeric and sesame seeds.

5.Apply this paste on the stained patches on a regular basis to get rid of this problem. A mixture of lemon juice, almonds and cream are also helpful in this regard.
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Vitiligo Symptoms And Natural Home Treatment For Vitiligo Or Leucoderma

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Vitiligo Symptoms And Natural Home Treatment For Vitiligo Or Leucoderma

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