What Are Those Red Circles On My Body

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Nummular Eczema or discoid dermatitis is a slight variation from regular dermatitis, which starts with very itchy patches or on the skin. These turn into coin shaped patches of dermatitis. As it progresses, it can get steadily worse. For a lot of sufferers this is chronic. I developed this during the summer of 2008. I had been perspiring in nylon clothing and the next morning I woke up with lots of round circles over my body.


One  way to prevent discoid dermatitis is to be very particular about the fabrics you have on your skin. The wrong clothing can cause your dermatitis irritation. Try clothing that is soft and 100% cotton. Wool fabrics are not good, as is anything even somewhat itchy. Also be aware of the fit of your clothes. Don't wear anything too tight or clingy, because this is just as bad the wrong kinds of fabrics. I am not sure if it was the perspiration, material or other factors, but this combination triggered my eczema.


Fragrances, perfumes, and the detergent itself can have bad effects on normal skin, and even worse for dermatitis. If you've ever noticed a certain article of clothing that is just driving you crazy with itchiness one day, the problem is likely your detergent. You can reduce much of this by switching to a natural detergent which is unscented. This is good advice for both clothing and toiletries which come into close contact with your skin.


Sometimes people can suppose that they can prevent discoid dermatitis by increasing the amount of baths they take. This can be a double-edged sword. Indeed, bathing can minimize symptoms because it removes bacteria in the area which is causing the discomfort. However, the more you bathe, the more your skin becomes dry. This definitely worsens the skin condition. The only remedy is to moisturize.


A diet high in acid can prove bad for dermatitis skin. Scientists have discovered definite links to this, so it may be worth reducing the acidic content in the food you consume. This is difficult, unless you happen to be a diet specialist. If you aren't you may need to consult a dietician for advice. There is a simpler solution; taking kelp supplements. The alkali content in the kelp will assist in canceling the acidity in the foods you eat.


No matter what kind of dermatitis you possess, it can make your life awful. I was able to control it through avoiding certain foods, lots of moisturizing, supplements such as flax seed oil and good nutrition.



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What Are Those Red Circles On My Body

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This article was published on 2010/11/26