What Is Clear Skin MAX?

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Clear Skin MAX is a 5 part skin care system specifically designed to target acne and skin problems. Where other products fail in that they treat the problem externally, Clear Skin MAX penetrates deep within the skin to treat, prevent and cure the problem. And not just temporarily but permanently; they offer a solution to alleviate all of the symptoms.  It is gentle, contains no pharmaceutical ingredients or chemicals, just completely natural, traditional ingredients that have been used to target acne for centuries.

What is in the Clear Skin MAX system?

The Clear Skin MAX 5 step skin care system consists of a conditioning lotion, astringent, acne vanishing mask, a skin softening essence and an emergency spot treatment. Each individual product is tailored to treat all stages of acne and prevent new spots from forming.  By using the 5 products every day you will begin to see a change in your complexion with significant results after 2-3 weeks of daily use.  You can continue using Clear Skin MAX to further prolong your results. The reason for non -successful acne treatment can be due to inadequate cleansing of the skin, while acne is not primarily caused by dirt, it certainly does not help the problem. But the Clear Skin MAX system removes all nasty spot causing bacteria so you are less likely to suffer from new breakouts.

Can Anyone Use Clear Skin MAX?

It doesn't matter whether you are young or old or whether your acne is mild, moderate or severe, Clear Skin MAX can benefit everybody. If your acne is particularly virulent it may take slightly longer to see results but results are guaranteed, with no damage to your skin and no need to worry about harmful side effects.  Just be sure to use the kit religiously every day; with the exception of the acne vanishing mask which only usually needs to be used once or twice a week.  Acne can be complicated to treat but with Clear Skin MAX it has never been more straightforward and accessible.

What If Clear Skin MAX does not work for me?

The manufacturers provide a full 6 month (180 day) money back guarantee if you are not happy with the results of Clear Skin MAX but with so many glowing testimonials and the powerful, clinically proven and safe ingredients it is highly likely that Clear Skin MAX can help you. And aside from the money back guarantee, shipping is absolutely free which should give you increased faith in the product.  If you have tried every acne product under the sun and nothing has worked perhaps you need to give Clear Skin MAX a try for yourself today.

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What Is Clear Skin MAX?

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This article was published on 2010/11/30