What Is Hives – Understanding This Skin Condition And What Can Cause A Hives Outbreak

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Hives is a skin allergy which can be distinguished by pinkish or reddish and bumpy itchy patches on the surface of your skin. Hives, or urticaria using the medical term is very common in adults and children.

Even if an area of your body gets affected and has been treated it can still develop in some other areas of your body. Hives in general is not dangerous (except for severe cases) but are never the less very itchy and discomforting.

Hives can possibly be accompanied by a viral fever. You should see a doctor right away if it has been more than 24 hours and your are still suffering with hives.

The Common Causes Of Hives

Here are the common causes of hives which if you avoid them may allow you to have a comfortable and itch-free life:


Hives are usually the result of taking certain medicines leading to an allergic reaction resulting in hives. Keep in mind though that not all people may experience a hives attack when taking medicines. It is just that there are a lot of those whose immune system is sensitive with regard to intake of medications such as penicillin or aspirin.

Food Stuffs

Another triggering factor in the development of hives is the consumption of eggs, nuts and shellfish to name a few.

Dust, Pollen And Environmental Factors

A number of people may suffer from hives if that person comes into contact with dust, pollen and other environmental factors. A lot of people may also get a hives infection after they visit agricultural areas.

Pet And Animal Dander

There are also those who would suffer an allergic reaction due to animal dander. Therefore before you bring a pet into your house make sure that no one in your household is allergic to animal dander.

Insect And Bug Bites

Some people get a hives outbreak once they get bitten by a wasp, bee or other insect. Their skin develops raised, itchy wheals when their body is exposed to the sting's chemicals causing an allergic reaction resulting in a hives outbreak.

Stress And Anxiety

There are times (although uncommon) wherein people would suffer from hives when they are under a lot of stress or pressure. Stress usually brings about the occurrence of several autoimmune diseases which as a side effect can cause hives.

Other Rarer factors That May Result in Hives

Ailments connected to the development of leukemia and other forms of cancer may also result in hives. In addition having your skin exposed to extreme weather conditions such as extremely cold or hot environments may trigger a hives outbreak.

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What Is Hives – Understanding This Skin Condition And What Can Cause A Hives Outbreak

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What Is Hives – Understanding This Skin Condition And What Can Cause A Hives Outbreak

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