White Spot on Skin Causes and Natural Home Treatment for White Spot

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The medical word for white spots on skin is vitiligo or leucoderma. It's a skin disease in which the skin loses its color due to some genetic or ecological causes. The white spots appear as patches of white skin without pigment.

Appearance of white patch on skin has become a serious skin difficulty. In most of the cases these occurs due to the loss of pigmentation in skin.

There are many skin circumstances or pigmentation disorders which causes skin spots.


Normally majority of the people get these white skin spots on any on one or more parts of the body but they do not know what the real belongings about these skin spots are.

A common skin problem faced by most of the people is white spots on skin.

Actually this is a disorder called Vitiligo which takes off the color (pigment) in the cells of the exaggerated skin.

These white spots on the skin can be found on all the part of the body like in the hands. Legs above the nose and over the fingers etc.

The skin fungus white spots and the yeast will easily flourish if not given gradual attention. Not only are they unsightly causing you embarrassment, but they are also able of delay the functions of body organs.

The liver is the first organ that will be affected by the yeast. Flat spots that range in color from white to pink to tan and brown come into view over the upper arms, chest, back, neck and face.

Causes of White Spots

The appearance of white spots on the face is often cause by a fungal disease called tiena versicolor. Exposure to heat makes the trouble worse, in particular in people who are naturally dark complexioned.

More rarely, white spots on the skin may also be the first symptom of a skin disease called leucoderma, which is charatcterized by the loss of the natural complexion pigment, melanin, from certain parts of the skin.

Treatment of White Spots

1.  Wash your face often with mild soaps which do not dry your skin.

2.  Rinse your face with dilute apple cider vinegar. This will keep the skin surroundings acidic and prevent over enlargement of yeast.

3.  Ketoconazole present in anti-dandruff shampoos can help cure these white spots. Rub some anti-dandruff over your skin using a cotton ball.

4.  Avoid direct exposure to sunlight. If you have to go exterior during the day, make sure you apply sunscreen lotion.

Home Remedies for White Spots

1.  In the initial stages you can just take away them by gently brushing them away.

2.  If they occur on the tongue, you can try scraping them off using a toothbrush. This technique also helps in removing these spots from the back of your mouth from them.

3.  Another simple yet very effectual tip is to do the gargles with warm salt water.

4.  You may also decide to gargle with warm water that also comprise of hints of powdered pepper & turmeric.

5.  However, in some cases where the stone has got a bit firmer & over-sized, you must check with the doctor, as you strength needs to get it detached surgically.

This is particularly significant when the stone is shaped in a place that is hard to reach


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White Spot on Skin Causes and Natural Home Treatment for White Spot

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This article was published on 2010/10/18