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During winter, the oil glands just below the surface of the skin become relatively inactive and produce less moisture than usual. An extra care and attention to the skin is needed because of this. The increased dryness of the skin due to the drying effects of the sun and the wind and the changes with the oil glands are responsible for causing the tiny wrinkles and giving rise to various skin ailments like scaling, itching, chapping and eczema.

This problem could be solved, but how? Here are some tips for winter makeup and skin care.

Exfoliate regularly. Dry and rough skin tends to build up on the surface during winter months. Using exfoliating products or body scrubs can leave the skin smooth; or as an alternative, use microdermabrasion kits that are available, once a week.

Moisturize. It's not just applying moisturizers on skin but massaging the product into the skin twice daily. This helps improve circulation as well; so will be able to offer the best results. Be careful in picking a moisturizer.

Dry skin: Use a facial serum or oil under a thicker-formula moisturizer.

Oily Skin: Use an oil-free serum and oil-free moisturizer.

Combination skin: Use oil-free products on the T zone and a thicker moisturizer on the cheeks, which get drier in the wintertime.

Use a self tanning product. To give pale winter skin an instant boost and a spark of color, use a self tanning product. There are multiple options for sunless-tanning from spray-on tans in the salon or at home, to tanning wipes, gels, lotions and daily moisturizers with self-tanners built in.

Choose the right foundation. Make sure to have a foundation that won't make your skin dry. Foundations with moisturizers are already available in the market. Again, choose one that suits your skin type. Look for something light and sheer and is water based.

Use a cream blush. Blush is a key item to the winter makeup look. It really gives some color to your skin and wakes up your whole face. The color of your blush is completely your own choice; again, if you have a cool-tone look, use pink; for a warm tone, it can be peach, warm sand, or terracotta. Using a cream blush will give the face that hint of winter color with a youthful glow rather than a powdery finish.

Keep lips in moisture. Take care not to let your lips dry out in this season. Products containing lanolin can be used not just for cracked lips but also for other parts of the body that have dry and itchy skin. This can also work to smooth split end hairs.

These winter makeup and skin care tips are the basics to keep ones skin look beautiful in changing seasons. Putting these things into consideration will surely bring out a new and fresher look just like what most have during summer.

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Winter Makeup and Skin Care

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This article was published on 2010/12/20