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Your skin is balanced which feels neither oily nor dry. It feels and looks fine and smooth, has pores that are nearly invisible. Rarely do you suffer from blemishes or have allergic reactions to products. Care for your skin, to keep it this way for as long as possible as you age, by maintaining its natural balance of oils and moisture. Cleanse Tone Moisturize Use gentle pH balanced cleanser or milk cleansing lotion and rinse well to remove all product ensuring skin is clean. Then use a rose water or fresh toner to stimulate your skin, avoid alcohol toners as they can dry out your skin. To moisturize use light to medium product this will maintain moisture in the skin and protect it. In winter for more protection use a rich moisturizer so your skin doesn't dry out too much.


As you age your skin tends to get drier, though you can have dry skin at any age or even just dry patches. This skin type can look flaky and thin with very fine pores. Air conditioning sun and wind can add to the dry feeling of your skin. Dryness can effect both cool and warm skin tones. Care for you skin Dry skin needs gentle care with loads of nourishing moisture. Cleanse Tone Moisturize Cleanse with a rich creamy cleanser or an alcohol free moisturizing soap. Wash away then tone with a splash of cold water. Or use Rose water as a soothing alternative. Alcohol free products as Alcohol based products dry the skin. To moisturize use a rich cream both day and night.


This skin type generally has an oily T zone and normal cheek area. Care for you skin because you have two different skin types it is best to treat with different products, if the T zone is very oily then the cheek area can become dried out using the same product all over. Cleanse Tone Moisturize Use a light lotion on your T zone and a normal cleanser on the rest of your face. Unless you have a dry cheek area, in this case you would use a rich cream cleanser on your cheeks. Use witch hazel on your T zone and Rose water on the rest of your face. Use a light moisturizer with sunscreen on your neck cheeks and forehead, no need to use anything on the T zone as this produces enough oils. The T zone is the forehead nose and chin area as this forms a T shape*


Oily skin is not only for the younger ones; many people can have oily skin well into there 30s. Oily skin often looks shiny with open pores, thanks to the very active oil producing sebaceous gland. Even though your skin will stay younger longer because of all the oils your skin is prone to blemishes and black heads. Care for you skin Oily skin attracts more dirt than other skin types because of the oil in your skin. Still it needs gentle treatment. Cleanse Tone Moisturize Use a light lotion or gel face wash to cleans. Refresh your skin with an astringent toner, anything with Witch Hazel; T-Tree or grapefruit in the product are great natural toners. Use a water-based product around your eyes cheeks and neck.


Sensitive skin is very easily irritated. Often quite dry, but can be oily or combination skin types. Commercial products can cause it to flare up. Becoming red itchy and inflamed. Care for you skin Treat your skin very gently and use hypoallergenic or allergy tested products. Even these products can be irritating to some of you. So check the ingredients before you buy. Cleanse Tone Moisturize Use a very gentle cream or lotion, Avoid toners only splash the cleanser off with tepid (Luke warm) water cold water can irritate as well. Use an hypoallergenic cream, look for ones with sunscreen.

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This article was published on 2010/04/01